Namena Island is located 25 nautical miles from Savusavu. Savusavu is a one hour scheduled plane ride from the Nadi International Airport. There is a one hour boat ride from Savusavu to the island.
Most Scuba Diving Resorts in Fiji claim to have the best diving. We at Namena also claim the same and offer these facts to support our position:

Jean-Michel Cousteau Dive Resort, located at Savusavu, quotes : “Be amazed at the coral heads of Namena or cruise the walls and canyons of shark alley.” “The richness of Namena is only 45 minutes away.”
Tony Robbins famous Namale Resort is located 30 nautical miles from Namena and makes weekly or more frequent trips here to dive.

The Nai’a liveaboard includes Namena on its weekly cruises spending 2 or 3 days each week diving at Namena.

The Fiji Siren liveaboard includes Namena on its cruises spending 2 or 3 days diving Namena

The Tui Tai liveaboard includes Namena on its cruises spending 2 or 3 days diving Namena

Here’s a quote from the book DIVE ( the ultimate guide to 60 of the world’s top dive locations)
“the northern section of the reef offers what many regard as the best diving in Fiji. The area around the island of Gau and Namena is renowned for the crystal visability, big animals, and busy reefs. It is mostly only accessible by liveaboards and offers a glimpse of truly wild Fijian diving.”

Here’s a quote from the book “Fifty Places to Dive before you Die” “the Nai’a, a well respected liveaboard that operates in Fiji focuses most of its efforts around Lomaiviti, Namena, and the Bligh Water”

Here’s a quote from the book “Diving the World” “Besides, if ease of access irks you ( and even if it doesn’t) your best bet is to hop a liveaboard accessing Fiji’s lessor known islands like Namena”

Not only do we have the best diving in Fiji, but you can access these dives with a 5 or 10 minute boat ride. You don’t have to be rocking and rolling on a boat all day long. So the advantages of diving from Namena Island Resort are two fold. You get the best diving in Fiji and you don’t have to log a lot of boat time.

Now let’s get to the third advantage to staying at Namena Island Resort. IF we have 12 guests we’re full. That’s right, we’re full. We only have 6 guest Bures – each consisting of one king size bed with two bathrooms and all separated by large distances. You can truly have the feeling of having the island to yourself. We have 3 beaches and rarely are you sharing the beach with anyone. This is truly a unique island and you will never forget your stay.

The fourth advantage to staying at Namena Resort has to be the pleasant nature of the staff and the delicious meals put out 3 times a day by Kelly and Big Kearri.

The fifth advantage to staying at Namena Island Resort is price. The island is under new ownership and the new owners know one thing……this is a fabulous place and should be full all the time. The majority of our guests are repeat customers.

In the past our guests were restricted to 2 dives per day. However, with the new ownership we have increased our dives to 3 per day, as we understand our guests travel many miles to make the most of scuba diving Namena Marine Reserve.