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Captivating, Fiji Friendly, Savusavu Hotel. The view… it will grab you as soon as you pass the reception and it never, ever gets old… Welcome to the Savusavu Hot Springs Hotel. Savusavu is Fiji’s most picturesque and charming town. Here an eclectic mix of local, South Pacific and European influences await to deliver a massive dose of island congeniality to your journey. Whether you arrive for business, sightseeing, visiting old family or by complete happenstance, you can be sure that your time at the Savusavu Hot Springs Hotel will always leave you with memories of that indelible view and a delightful accommodation.

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Our northern unspoiled location offers you the genuine warmth and friendliness of the Fijian people. Koro Sun Resort & Rainforest Spa offers a truly native Fijian experience, dedicated to adventure, rejuvenation, fun with the family and romance.

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A luscious, delicious and visually superb location for the discerning independent traveller. Bula Vista is a unique holiday rental in Fiji on the northern island of Vanua Levu with a stunning view of the Savusavu Harbour. It has been designed to be low tech and very simple but extremely comfortable and relaxing.

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Experience the difference and charter us for diving - surfing - snorkeling - remote area visits and island hopping. We tailor every trip individually for [...]

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Savasi Island is an all-inclusive, boutique resort offering all the iconic elements of a unique tropical life style; turquoise water of the Koro Sea, secluded sandy beaches, sculptural limestone outcrops and spectacular crevasses where beautiful ferns and unique species cling to the ancient coral walls throughout the extraordinary terrain.

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