Ki-Maren Real Estate
Licensed Real Estate Agent
REALB No. 0008
Suite 3, Level 1, JKS Building
(above Jacks of Fiji)
Main Street, Savusavu, Fiji

Tel : +679 885 0582
Mob : +679 992 0608
Fax : +679 885 0608
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We are KI-MAREN REAL ESTATE, the first to be licensed and the leading Fiji Real Estate Agent in Savusavu, Fiji for the past 30 years. With our first-hand knowledge and comprehensive database of the freehold properties in the northern and eastern provinces of Fiji, our business has grown bigger and better with every year of experience. Our property listings increase everyday, as do the number of our satisfied clients. We strive to fulfill the needs of our clients and to provide the best service possible. Over the years our company has successfully concluded the sale of numerous freehold beachfront, waterfront, ocean-view, island, and resort properties. Savusavu is our home base, but we specialize in the sale of freehold land and properties throughout Vanua Levu including all of Cakaudrove, Bua and Macuata, and throughout Fiji’s north-east, including Taveuni, Qamea, the northern Lau Group, and the outer islands.

We have numerous listings for:

  • beachfront, waterfront and oceanview freehold properties in Savusavu and north-east Fiji
  • vacant land – fully serviced…. or very private, and some very remote!
  • beautiful turn-key homes on freehold acreage lots
  • town-area homes on freehold sections
  • large freehold plantations and forested estates
  • freehold properties ideal for subdivision and/or residential development
  • entire freehold islands
  • operating resorts, large and small
  • tourist rental properties

We are constantly sourcing new and attractive listings in this northern region of Fiji. We have freehold beachfront, waterfront and oceanview properties (with and without homes) in Savusavu, around Savusavu Bay, and all along Fiji’s “Riviera”- the Hibiscus Highway east from Savusavu. We also have freehold properties along the Taveuni coast road, and many listings in Taveuni Estates and elsewhere in Taveuni and Qamea. We also source larger properties, and even entire freehold islands, ideally suited for tourism or residential development, or simply kept intact, with their own pristine and unique habitat, for use as a private retreat.

We can show you properties in Fiji, in places that most Fijians have never been to!