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Spectacular Savusavu, Fiji Videos on Youtube

Check out these short videos to see what’s so special about Savusavu, the Hidden Paradise of Fiji

Spectacular Savusavu

The Hidden Paradise, 40s

Spectacular Savusavu

The Hidden Paradise, 20s

Savusavu, Fiji Videos by videographer Gary Yost

Check out this series of short documentaries about Savusavu, and how the locals use music in nearly all aspects of life

Qoli Wawa

Traditional fishing ceremonies held in Nukubalavu Village, Savusavu

Micronesian Culture

Dancers from Rabi Island showcase their Micronesian heritage

Dancing in the Streets of Savusavu

Fiji Police Marching Band boogie down the main street of Savusavu

Vinaka vakalevu Gary!

Video Credit: Gary Yost