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Savusavu Town, Harbour and Community.

Town and around

J Hunter Pearls Savusavu

Savusavu town is the busy little centre of our local economy. The market is open daily (except Sunday) offering an array of fruit, vegetables, fish and local handicraft. There are clothes shops for t-shirts and sulus (sarongs), shoe shops, supermarkets, hardware shops – even a grog shop for buying kava (in Fiji, ‘grog’ means kava not alcohol). Don’t assume you can anything you want – we’re still well off the beaten track and anything like computer or camera accessories or medication should be bought  before you leave home. But you’ll have a lot of fun poking around the local shops and chatting to the friendly store keepers.

Fijian life and culture

Fijian meke Savusavu

Fijian life and culture are the essence of Savusavu. We are buried deep in traditional ways and we are proud to offer Fiji’s only truly integrated partnership with the villages. We seek out villages who offer a warm welcome and a true taste of Fijian life, and we also make sure they will administer the funds they receive from tourism responsibly within their communities. When you come to Savusavu, you really can step off the beaten track and immerse yourself in the real Fiji. (A word of explanation: Savusavu is a town with residents of all races; the villages are traditional Fijian communities in the nearby countryside). Have a look at our page on Village and Community Life – it is a spectacular initiative which we are pioneering.

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Savusavu harbour

Flora Tropica Botanical Gardens Savusavu

Savusavu’s deep water harbour is well known in the yachting community for its secure protected moorings and easy access to supplies. We regularly receive over 200 yachting visitors a year and host one of the stages of an international yachting regatta.

Restaurants and places to eat

Flora Tropica Botanical Gardens Savusavu

Top flight restaurants offering lobster and steak; mid-range pizza and burger places; Chinese restaurants, curry houses……you can eat from as little as $5 and on upwards.

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