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Village life Savusavu Tourism

Village and Community Partnership

Capturing the essence of Fiji

Village life Savusavu Tourism

How do we work?

We’ve gone out into our neighboring villages (and some much further afield) and established partnerships with them. What that means is that we are  channeling visitors to the villages, and making sure that the money they earn is properly administered and goes into a fund for the entire village. We offer them help in setting up activities, dealing with visitors, making sure there are basic facilities available (eg paths over muddy grund, access to toilets) and, most importantly, communication with tourists in an age where an internet presence is so important and villages often lack the skills and the technology to participate. Basically, we’re wiring them up.



斐濟因其美麗的海洋生態而聞.那裡有溫暖和清澈的海水, 還有豐富的魚類以及不同種類的珊瑚和珊瑚礁. 我們的船員將會照顧您每一刻的浮潛的體驗。

Village life Savusavu Tourism

What are they giving us?

 A unique welcome to their way of life.

Each village is different: some have spectacular waterfalls, others perform heart-stopping mekes (dances), one has some strange and intriguing monoliths with ancient indecipherable carvings, another is a major producer of cold pressed virgin coconut oil.

Best of all, these are local people steeped in their own history and traditions, and proud and eager to share that with their visitors – you.

We believe we are the only tourism association in Fiji to have started this initiative. Enjoy it with us.

Village life Savusavu Tourism

Who do we work with?

We’ve been working with a group of nearby villages and communities – have a look at the map.


Village life Savusavu Tourism

And there’s the community.

The Planter’s Club: a long standing icon of Savusavu.

The new walkway skirting the harbour, where you can stroll along the edge of the bay.

It’s a lot…..we’re running to keep up! We’ll post more as soon as we can. Like we said earlier, we’re not a large slick organisation (and you really wouldn’t want us to be as you’ve come all the way here to escape that), and rest assured that there’s already a world of wonder waiting for your visit.